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We offer classes and programs in North Wilmington to support families with young children.  Contact us to try a class, host a birthday party, event or have us come visit your school for a demo class.  We specialize in programs for children 0-5 in music, movement, art, and Spanish.    

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Our play center holds play, music and art classes for children to enjoy in North Wilmington, Delaware.  

Meet Malia, the First Baby Prom Queen!

Gymboree Blog

Meet Malia, the First Baby Prom Queen!

Amber Money


How old was Malia when she first started coming to Gymboree?

Malia was about 9-10 months when she first started at Gymboree.

What is Malia's favorite activity at Gymboree?

Malia's favorite activity is Music class. She loves exploring the new instruments and hearing different types of music.

 What is Malia's favorite Gymboree song?

She likes the closing song that Ms Jenny sings at the end of class "There's a little bell ringing in my heart".

 What is your favorite Gymboree memory with Malia?

Malia doesn't climb a lot, even at home. So playing in the gym area used to be a little scary for her. But the first time that she climbed to the top on one of the structures all by herself, she was so happy. With a big smile yelled "Mommy I did it!" and I was so proud of her.

 What should new parents know about Gymboree?

Gymboree is such a great place! There are so many benefits for both the parents and the children. The teachers at Gymboree are so knowledgeable and welcoming---you can tell that they really care about your child. The teachers expose the children to so many different activities and concepts that support their development, like music, movement and sensory play. It's also a great way to connect with your child in a new way. You get a chance to spend one-on-one time bonding time with your child, while supporting them through these new activities. I would absolutely recommend Gymboree to any and all new parents.