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We offer classes and programs in North Wilmington to support families with young children.  Contact us to try a class, host a birthday party, event or have us come visit your school for a demo class.  We specialize in programs for children 0-5 in music, movement, art, and Spanish.    

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Our play center holds play, music and art classes for children to enjoy in North Wilmington, Delaware.  

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New Class Descriptions

Amber Money

Exploration Classes


Baby Explorers – Under 14 months or pre walkers

Pre-walking babies will explore sensory activities in the play space.  Tummy time, crawling on ramps and gentle slides will encourage their gross motor development while songs and tactile play will engage their listening and fine motor development. 


Toddler Explorers – Walking and running babies/toddlers up to 2 years

The class for the toddler on the go.  High energy activities will keep up with your toddler’s need to move as we experiment with cause and effect, work on pattern development, and practice language skills.  


Prepper Exploration – Older toddlers/young preschoolers who engage in pretend play 2 – 3 years

The class for the older toddler who is ready to use their imagination.  Your child will pretend to be their favorite animal, climb a mountain or make cookies while continuing to develop their gross motor skills through fun imaginative play scenarios. 


Preschool Exploration – 3 – 5 years

The class for the preschooler who is ready to refine their gross and fine motor skills to practice jumping with both feet or to develop the muscles needed for handwriting.  We will work on these skills in a low stress environment where your child will continue to receive play based activities to develop turn taking and listening skills. 


Independent Explorers – 3 – 5 years

The class for the big kid who is ready to explore independently.  Children must be potty trained and appropriate release information must be completed before drop off. 


Imaginative Play - 0 – 5 years

A class for all ages to practice imaginative play in our play space.  It’s also a great class for families with children of multiple ages to attend together. 


Spanish Immersion – 0 – 5 years

Enjoy the fun and music of Gymboree in Spanish.  No language experience necessary this class will be taught by Amber, who has taught preschool through college aged students Spanish for over ten years.  


Club Gymboree – 0 – 5 years

On Mondays and Thursday evenings club Gymboree will be open to ages 0-5.  Every 20 minutes the teacher will lead activities based on the children's ages and interest and on the hour there will be parachute and bubbles.  It will be a way for families to enjoy the flexibility of an open gym with the benefits of structured activities of a class.


Preschool Prep – 2 ½ - 4 years

Perfect for 2 to 4 year old's who are ready to start trying out some independence from their caregiver.  We will start in the play space with some activities during Club Gymboree with caregiver and then transition them into the studio for some art, music or science based activity solo.  Pre-registration is required.  


Music Class Descriptions


Baby Music-  0 – 15 months

An introductory class for our littlest music lovers. Non-mobile babies will explore melody, pitch, and steady beat through many different styles of music and age appropriate props.  Children in this age group who are still cutting teeth and using their mouth to explore new objects are welcome.  We will continue our exploration of different music styles with a focus on steady beat and cooperative learning.  


Toddlers with teeth – 15 – 36 months

Toddlers who have cut most of their teeth and have moved past the point of tasting and drooling are encouraged to join this class. We will continue to explore steady beat, different musical styles, cooperative learning, and instruments like the drum, wood blocks, and bells. 


Musical learners – 3 - 5 years

Preschoolers whose verbal skills are firmly in place are ready for this level of Music. We will play games, take turns, sing songs, learn about distinguishing pitches, and explore many different musical styles. 


Music Explorers  - 0 – 5 years

All ages are welcome to enjoy this exploration of steady beat, song and dance, and taking turns.  


Art Class Descriptions


Art Exploration – 2 – 5 years

An opportunity to explore art and get messy!  Participants will explore playdoh, chalk, paint and collage materials as well as sing songs and listen to stories. 

(Pre-registration required)


Independent Art – 3 – 5 years


Children will explore our art studio independently.  Since this class meets at noon, children pack a lunch and enjoy eating with their classmates.  They listen to a story and create art to expand upon the story’s theme.  (Pre-registration required)