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We offer classes and programs in North Wilmington to support families with young children.  Contact us to try a class, host a birthday party, event or have us come visit your school for a demo class.  We specialize in programs for children 0-5 in music, movement, art, and Spanish.    

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Our play center holds play, music and art classes for children to enjoy in North Wilmington, Delaware.  

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Amber Money

Dear parents and guardians,

    I am so excited to be sharing the Spanish language with your children.  I have been teaching Spanish in various capacities since 2005.  I hold a BA in Spanish Education and a MA in Spanish Literature and have shared my love of languages with students as young as toddlers through college students. 

    Each week of class I will be posting a blog about what we did in classes.  Whenever possible I will link online resources so you can practice at home.  On my website you can visit my YouTube page where I have past videos of songs and activities I have done including Spanish word of the day videos I created when my own daughter was a baby and toddler.  Below is a list of some of my favorite resources to use in classes including music, books, and online resources.  I look forward to working with you and your children this school year and if you have any questions you may email me at


Amber Money


Grupo Encanto (Cantajuegos)

-          Similar to the Wiggles but in Spain this group has tons of videos on YouTube of songs and dances in Spanish.  My favorites are Sol Solecito and El Baile de los Pajaritos (the Chicken Dance)

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

-          A bilingual musical group in the United States that has songs in both Spanish and English.  I really like their album Adelante

1 2 3 Andrés

-          Andrés sings songs in both Spanish and English that are geared to introducing children to authentic Spanish.  I also love his music because he is very thoughtful about using Latin rhythms and instruments in his music.


Lil Libros was founded by two women in the US who wanted to create authentic bilingual Spanish board books that showcase the Latin American culture and people.  These board books are great for babies and toddlers because they are sturdy and simple.

Canticos is a publisher that offers lift the flap bilingual books that teach traditional Spanish songs such as Los Pollitos (Little Chickies), Elefantitos (Little Elephants). 


Mundo Lanugo is committed to sharing not only the Spanish language but Hispanic culture through fun kid friendly characters. 

MamaLingua is an app that helps parents learn basic Spanish to share with their children in meaningful ways everyday.  The best way for children to learn a language is through meaningful exposure in the context of their day to day life.  Don´t underestimate what you can share with your child through learning the language together and using it in your day to day life.

Spanish Playground is a blog that shares a wealth of online Spanish resources.  They have a plethora of songs and activities for various ages and levels grouped by different themes or language goals.