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We offer classes and programs in North Wilmington to support families with young children.  Contact us to try a class, host a birthday party, event or have us come visit your school for a demo class.  We specialize in programs for children 0-5 in music, movement, art, and Spanish.    

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Our play center holds play, music and art classes for children to enjoy in North Wilmington, Delaware.  

Gymboree Clothing Bankruptcy

Dr. Zhenyu Zhang and his family

Dr. Zhenyu Zhang and his family

Many customers have asked us what the recent bankruptcy announcement by the Gymboree clothing stores means for us, in short we are not affected in any way by the bankruptcy.  Gymboree Play and Music has been a separate profitable corporate entity from the clothing stores since July of 2016 when it was purchased by Dr. Zhenyu Zhang, a PHD graduate of MIT and VP at Bain Capital.  Below is the letter from Dr Zhang to all customers, franchise owners, and employees of Gymboree Play and Music regarding the sale, Gymboree Corporation bankruptcy, and his goals for the future.  If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us either by phone at (302) 477-0553 or email at